“Cleaning the house. Taking a day off to take care of myself. Lying in bed reading a book. These things are all bad. They are the things that make me feel guilty, like I am not doing enough. These are the things that I berate myself with when I want to blame myself for being not productive. How could I waste a whole day doing nothing?

One of the consequences of living in a capitalist society is not just that work is privileged, but that it is deemed to be the paragon of productivity. This is rather exclusive to people who cannot work, do not want to work, or would like very much to work but can’t find work or are excluded from workplaces. This divide between ‘work’ as productive and ‘things done at home’ as not-productive also devalues a lot of really important work that happens in the home, like, say, oh, I don’t know. Child rearing, perhaps? After all, you can’t have ‘productive’ workers without at some point having babies, right? That is how this works unless I wasn’t paying any attention in biology?”

this ain’t livin’