♀ ♀ Venus in Scorpio ♀ ♀ 

Scorpios don’t enjoy being referred to as jealous, but from time to time, jealousy and possessiveness become issues in your relationships. You have a strong desire to control your often turbulent passions, and you don’t always let your partner exactly what is going on inside of you as a result. Others will be either strongly attracted to, or intimidated by, your obvious ability to give all to love, and your extraordinary passion. Your strong interest in love and romance can sometimes border on obsessive, and you need a partner who is willing to go the distance with you. Sexually, you are intense as well, but you definitely do not only want your partner’s body – you want his or her soul as well. Sex without intimacy is ultimately uninteresting to you. “

see it’s not my fault I’m like this see see


Everything is awful and gross, even if men are attracted to all types of bodies and traits if you embody what is “conventionally attractive” you can turn them into dogs that salivate after you and submit to you and let you gut them. They don’t even understand


Last month I dreamt, from a nonspecific view, of looking at a disemboweled white lamb with a bloody fleece. men get off on emotionally damaging innocent pure things as well as physically hurting them. men are actual reincarnations of satan