Backstory: I went on one (1) date with this creep in the spring of 2013. He’d messaged me a few times and I was bored that week, so I met up with him for drinks and dinner. It was a bad date, we didn’t have any chemistry, and I texted him to tell him I’d had a nice time, but I didn’t want a second date.

Since then, for well over a year, he’s been sending me threatening text messages, tweeting degrading and creepy things about me, and continuing to message me on OkCupid. He’s tweeted about slitting my new boyfriend’s throat, and texted me calling me “good girl.” After one particularly scary message, I filed a report with my neighborhood police precinct about this guy, so there’s a precedent in case he ever shows up at my apartment.

DO NOT MEET UP WITH HIM. DO NOT MESSAGE HIM BACK. His real name is Ian Smith. His twitter name is @historyinrust (eta: deleted); avoid him at all costs. He’s scary, and he’s a predator. KEEP YOURSELF SAFE, LADIES!

If you or someone you care about lives in Washington DC, please reblog this. I want every woman who might be at risk for encountering this guy to know.

ETA: I thought he’d deleted his profile, turns out he just blocked me. Be careful, everyone! Thanks to everyone who’s reblogged this.


I hate when men smirk and gloat and say shit like “Women are attracted to powerful men,” like that negates any feminist impulse, like they think that at the heart of all women is this little, mincing girl that wants to be dominated.

I just roll my eyes because, dude. If you ever read the second half of any fucking harlequin novel ever, and saw how the hero always ends up blubbering on his knees and saying shit like “I can’t live without you! You unman me!” you’d realize that being attracted to powerful men is just the first part of a two-step plan.

The second step is to completely fucking annihilate him.