Sherlock, what on Earth are you doing on that ledge? And smoking, too! Get down at once, John’s going to be so distressed.

For my birthday last year, my BFF made me the most adorable, judgmental-eyebrow-raising Sherlock plushie ever. He even has a little red buttonhole on his coat collar! And that mussed-up curly hair mop! ❤

If you’d like to commission a Sherlock plushie of your own – or any other plushie your heart desires! Loki? River Song? Will Graham? Alex Vause?!  – you can contact her at her Etsy shop, plushaboom!

Check out some of her past creations & get yourself a snuggly adventure buddy! (Just make sure you keep your Mycroft and Sherlock plushies separated; you know how their rows upset Mummy.)