HEY FANGIRLS: Michael Fassbender is an abusive prick.

TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of domestic abuse.

In 2010, Fassbender’s ex-girlfriend filed for protection against Fassbender for her and her two children, describing how after a night of heavy drinking, Fassbender threw her over a chair and broke her nose. He also dragged her alongside their car so violently that she burst an ovarian cyst.

Co-star Keira Knightley also reported being uncomfortable acting out sexual scenes with Fassbender for A Dangerous Method, but says that he told her that she since she was tied to a set-piece, she was not allowed to refuse to perform simulated sadomasochistic sex acts with him. I suspect Knightley intended this story to be amusing, but it actually reveals something nasty about Fassbender’s character.

Think about this when people gush over how dreamy Michael Fassbender is. Because he’s not. He’s a violent abuser who has brutalized at least one woman and intimated at least one female co-star into performing scenes with which she was not comfortable. Don’t give him the obsequious praise he so clearly craves and so little deserves.