So life was nothing more than this carnal stickiness, men and women’s desire, pawing one another, possessing one another, moving on… Everything else was lies told by poets.

Andreï Makine, The Woman Who Waited

I sensed one could simultaneously love a man to the point of submitting to him and love oneself to the point of hating him because he subjugates us.

Lélia, George Sand

INEZ: Forget! How childish! I can feel you right down to my bones. Everything you don’t say yells itself into my ears. You can nail your mouth shut, cut off your tongue, do you think that will keep you from existing? Do you think it will stop you from thinking? I can hear your brain going tick-tock like an alarm clock, and I know you can hear mine. And you want to sit back in your easy chair! You’re all over the room. Every sound comes into my ears because you’ve heard it on the way. You’ve even stolen my face. You know what it looks like and I don’t any more. And her! You’ve stolen her. If we were alone do you think she’d dare treat me the way she does? Take those hands away from your face. I’m not going to leave you alone, it would be too easy. You’d like to just stay there unconscious, buried inside yourself like a Buddha, and have me sit over here with my eyes shut, knowing that every sound she made, down to the rustling of her dress, was for you, and she was sending over smiles to you that you couldn’t see. But I’m not having any of that! I want to choose my own Hell. I want to look right at you and fight in the open.

Seriously. If you see me, don’t come up and try and give me a hug. Don’t say Hi, don’t smile. Just get the fuck out of my way and hope I don’t want some of your hair.

Snejana Onopka (via dyssomniac)